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Subject: Channel youtube .


I have recently (I write these words on Thursday, 30 April 2020)  opened a channel on youtube, Where I start uploading content about the disability struggle I have been participating in over the past few years.

And since I want the content I upload to reach as diverse audiences as possible and not just to the Israeli audience - the need to translate into foreign languages (I will note that I myself cannot do this, since my knowledge of foreign languages is very low, except for medium to low level English and very low level French I have no further information in this area).

Therefore, my question to you is: are there any procedures by which it is possible to ask for the translation of  videos or recordings? And if so, what does that entail? And are there other ways to promote youtube channels ?

I will mention that I have never dealt with this area - and I would be thankful  if you coulld explain to me how things are managed.

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Asaf Benyamini,

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B. 1) My ID number: 029547403

2) My Email addresses or:  or:  or: or:  a32assaf@outlook.,com

3) Link to the channelyoutube I opened:

4) Following are some links where you can find more material about me and about the struggle that I run in English: