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As we know, and unfortunately and tragically, in recent years in the State of Israel there have been horrific cases of abuse in kindergartens.

The cases are often discovered after viewing the security cameras.

After these cases reach the police investigation, the investigators are forced to watch many hours of video from the security cameras, and this in order to identify the problematic sections In order to be able to later present them in court as evidence.

Of course, the police do not always have the manpower necessary for this.

The challenge is to develop software based on artificial intelligence, which can go through the videos and identify the problematic parts (a child who is force-fed, a child whose kindergarten teacher hits him for no reason, a situation in which the kindergarten teacher or sometimes the aide instructs the children to hit one another, etc.) - and all this automatically. In this way, of course, it will be possible to streamline the legal process and save the police investigators valuable time. I would emphasize that:

1) I am not a professional in any of the fields relevant here: police investigations, preschool education and I am not a computer expert or programmer either.

2) This is only an initial idea that I thought about.

3) I am a person who lives on a very low income - a disability allowance  from the National Insurance of ISRAEL, and I am unable to invest any funds in the development of such a software or system.

4) As mentioned, I personally have nothing to do with the field, and apart from raising the idea itself I have no ability to continue and promote its development.

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