Protective measures for the disabled

We live today (I am writing these words on Wednesday, June 21, 2023) in a reality in which there are security incidents of various kinds - both in the State of Israel and in other places in the world.

When a person is attacked in such an incident, there are, as we know, 2 possible responses: One is, of course to struggle with the attackers - and the second is to run away.

Except that when it comes to a disabled person who finds himself in such a situation - very often neither of these two reactions is possible - and thus a death trap is created. And what's more: for many disabled people, the physical disability does not allow the person who suffers from the disability to hold a gun for self-defense.

For these reasons, there may be room for open consideration of protective measures that the disabled person could use in such a situation.

And on the assumption that such a protective measure, if and when it is developed, could Also being abused by some of the disabled (because, contrary to the accepted stigmas, a disabled person is not always 'poor' or 'a good person') one should also think about establishing criteria as to which disabled persons will be entitled to receive or use such protective measures, and which Terms.

The writer is Assaf Binyamini, a resident of the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood in Jerusalem-Israel.

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