tablepress problem.

I work on a WordPress website( with the tablepress table plugin.

An error message appears repeatedly whenever I try to make changes to one or another table (error 500) - but despite the error message, the operation is carried out properly.

Now (I am writing these words on Tuesday, July 4, 2023) this situation still remains and does not change.

I can't figure out why this error message appears and because of what fault or problem it appears.

From my conversations with the storage company, I understood that the problem can be solved by making certain changes to the code, as explained in the following link:

But a problem has arisen here: I'm not a programmer or a computer person, and I don't know how to solve something like this on my own.

The hosting company for my website does offer website maintenance services, but after talking with them it became clear that this repair is not included in their service.

Therefore, as of the time of writing these lines, the problem remains unresolved.

assaf benyamini.

link to the website: