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Subject: Financial support for the disabled.


I am a 48 year old disabled person who lives in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel. Unfortunately, the State of Israel has not allowed a minimal existence in terms of obstruction of people in situations for many years - and many struggles, including trials, demonstrations, and much public activity in front of Knesset (Israeli Parliament) institutions - all of this worked simply not.

My question to you is: do you know or do you know any aid organizations that can provide financial support to individuals, from whom people like me can apply for assistance or financial assistance?

I would appreciate if you could explain as much as you can about this.


Assaf Binyamini.

post Scriptum. 1) I will mention that I am a Hebrew speaking person and my foreign language skills are very poor - with the exception of medium to low level English and very low level French. I have no further knowledge in this area. I enlisted the help of a professional translation company to write this letter.

2) Below is a link to the Hebrew Youtube channel that I opened on April 28, 2020 and where I occasionally upload content related to the disabled:



3) Below are some explanations / details on the situation of disabled people in the housing sector:

ONE. Problem Funding / Rent Payment - Many years ago it was determined (and it is not clear by whom - but apparently this is one or the other government official) that disabled people living in the community are eligible for NIS 770 per month assistance for payment of rent. It is well known that real estate prices in the State of Israel have risen sharply in recent years - and, as a result, rents have also risen significantly. However, it does not update the aid amount of NIS 770, which was set many years ago in a completely arbitrary way and with no explanation or logic. Unfortunately, even after a great deal of correspondence (and there are at least a few thousand or even tens of thousands of letters, and unfortunately for the author of these things these numbers are not at all exaggerated), And sent to every possible source: the Ministry of Construction and Housing in its various branches, other ministries such as the Treasury and the Prime Minister's Office, many journalists, most of whom wrote this document personally, many lawyers, and even foreign investigative offices and embassies. As a result, the level of support will not be updated. Many disabled people are thrown on the street and die there in winter from hunger, thirst or cold or alternatively from heat stroke or dehydration in summer. It should be noted that organizations such as Yedid or Legal aid clinics at universities and colleges with which the author is in contact can never help, and the reason for this is simple: the level of support provided by NIS 770 is provided by law, and organizations to exercise rights can only help and only under applicable law and the only address in cases where legislative changes are required is known to be the Knesset. But here the situation becomes more and more complicated: as has long been known (these things are written in a day

Friday January 17, 2020) The State of Israel is switching from one election campaign to the next, and even the third election, which should take place about a month and a half after the time of writing, doesn't necessarily herald the formation

of a functioning government. It should be noted that even if the Knesset and the government respond to the author's requests

These lines, as well as requests from disability organizations and many other parties regarding the level of support for Knesset members, were automatically forwarded to rights organizations. Rights cannot be the address, but only yourself.

B. B. Communication with the homeowner - There are many cases where disabled people have difficulty negotiating with the homeowner because of their illness or disability. In these situations the social workers have to act as mediators - and a very large part of the social workers cannot really take on this role in every case. In addition: The extensive cuts in standards for the work of social workers in recent years, combined with the harsh working conditions, the low wages, the inadequate treatment of patients by families, who are often seen by them, and the unjustified responsibility for the bad Caring for their loved ones - all in addition to the workload The impossibility that sometimes forces them to neglect even urgent or dangerous situations - all this makes it even more difficult for people with disabilities to find suitable housing and for the social worker to help.

third. Means of payment for patients - there are situations when a person moves into the community after a long stay in hospitals and does not have lifestyle habits that are considered normative, e.g. B. going to work, being responsible for managing their life, etc. Very common requirements for signing a rental agreement Guarantee checks are not possible for people at this stage in their life. Many care and rehabilitation frameworks that have existed in the past (In one case, the author of this document was assisted in leaving a sheltered hospital about 25 years ago.) In recent years they have closed or significantly reduced the scope of their activities. This can prevent the rehabilitation of people who cannot progress in this phase of life without these essential prerequisites.

D. The problem with the series - there is now a complete imbalance in terms of the duties and rights of the homeowners on the one hand and the tenants of the apartments on the other. There are many laws protecting landlords from this or that misuse of rental periods that tenants may commit. On the flip side, there are no laws to protect the people living in the apartments from exploitation by landlords - and as a result, many leases are found in scandalous, draconian and sometimes even illegal clauses - and there are no laws to protect these tenants from signing them Contracts. In many cases, tenants don't have one legal right to object to offensive clauses signed as a condition of renting the property - and they are completely exposed to the whims of the homeowners and sometimes even during the lease itself.

Of course, this problem is from the population

However, it should be borne in mind that dealing with homeowners in These situations are of course more difficult for vulnerable groups such as the disabled or the sick.

God. Information Difficulties - There are significant difficulties in bringing the above difficulties up and making them available to the public to make the necessary corrections. The current priorities of the various media, almost uninterested in the subject, the division between disabled organizations, the reluctance of many factors in the society in which we live to actively participate in attempts to correct and improve the situation - all of these are grave and difficult efforts to bring these issues to the public. The Knesset members must make the necessary legislative changes instead of continuing to ignore and do nothing. Another difficulty with starting an advertising campaign is that people with disabilities who receive disability benefits cannot pay the copy amounts requested by the advertising companies to run a campaign promoting addressing the problem - and many attempts by the document's author to remove this

barrier getting around by joining this or that student promotion project did not help - as the latter did not help. They showed no interest in it and did not see it as a problem that was really important.

4) It should be noted that due to the catastrophic consequences of the corona epidemic in the economic field (in addition to health, of course), very many residents of the State of Israel, including many disabled people, are literally hungry for bread today. Unfortunately, despite the failure of the Israeli government to cope with the crisis, the situation in this area is deteriorating.


Subject: Product question.


I am a 48 year old person who suffers from many medical problems

- including visual disturbances. That's why I wear glasses that cost a lot of money to order every few years, hundreds and sometimes even thousands of shekels. Apart from that, problems like fumes or scratches on the lens are also very stressful for the use and quality of life.

I've heard of a product called "Proper Focus" which, according to advertisements, can only be ordered for 210 shekels (including postage) and which can automatically adjust to the number of glasses that will suit the person using it.

I asked you: do you know the topic? And if you know the subject - is it a product that has been proven medicinally effective and that has a scientific or scientific basis - or is it

Advertising for such or other charlatans, or worse, a fraud that aims to cynically and viciously take advantage of the plight of people with severe vision problems?


Assaf Binyamini,

115 Costa Rica Street,

Entrance A-Apartment 4,

Kiryat Menachem,

Jerusalem, Postal Code: 9662592.

Telephone numbers: At-972-2-6427757.

Mobile-972-52-4575172. Fax 972-77-2700076.

post Scriptum. 1) Link to an article in Hebrew about the product in question:

2) My ID number: 029547403.

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4) The therapeutic framework in which I am:

Reut Association - Avivit Hostel,

6 Avivit Street,

Kiryat Menachem,

Jerusalem, Postal Code: 9650816.

Telephone numbers in the hostel offices: 972-2-6432551.

Or: 972-2-6428351.

The hostel's email address:

5) At my meeting with her on Tuesday, December 12th, 2017, at 1:30 p.m., the social worker of the "Avivit" -Hostel forbade me to give details about her and / or other employees of the "Avivit" -Hostel or the " Reut "Association to be specified".

6) My GP I will be examined:

Dr. Brandon Stewart,

"Clalit Health Services" - Promenade Clinic,

6 Daniel Janowski Street,

Jerusalem, Postal Code: 9338601.

7) The phone number in my office

Clinic: 972-2-6738558. Fax number in the clinic offices: 972-2-6738551.

8) Age: 48. Marital status: Single.

Date of birth: 11/11/1972.