Invitation to the Dementia Project


Subject: Platform Detection Experience.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

I thought of the following idea of developing an app for people who are ill with cognitive decline and Alzheimer's dementia:

As is well known, patients with diseases whose main characteristic is cognitive decline ( Alzheimer's or other diseases where there is dementia ) are gradually losing many capabilities such as short-term memory or day-to-day functioning. The idea is to set up software, or a system that will be designed for people in this situation. The challenge is to concentrate on such a system all the software or systems that the person uses - and through a system of artificial intelligence the operating mechanism will become simpler and simpler as the disease progresses.  Of course, in order to build the system in a way that fits as accurately as possible with the condition of the person using it, it is necessary to develop and consult with the researchers, Researchers from the field of cognition as well as collaboration with neurologists.

The purpose of the system is, Of course, allow people who are used to using the computer for various purposes and dementia not to completely lose access to systems they have been used to for many years of their lives - thus improving their quality of life significantly anyway Very much as a result of the symptoms of the disease itself.

So far the idea itself.

Although this is an idea I thought I had nothing to do with my personal life.

I will note that in everything that concerns me personally there are a number of things to consider:

1) I am not a high school professional, nor a professional in the fields of brain research, cognition or neurology and for this reason I will not be able to accompany such a project step by step.

This is an idea I thought-wet for giving the initial idea I will not be able to help at any other stage of the project.

2)I takes place from a very low income-disability allowance of the National Insurance Institute. Therefore, I have no ability to invest any budgets in realizing the idea. This and more: Due to the severity of my condition, very high assumptions simply will not help.

3) I live in the Kiryat Menachem neighborhood of Jerusalem, and do not have a vehicle or driver's license. Due to my health and financial condition, there is also no way I can in the future make a driver's license or purchase a vehicle.

Therefore, my ability to attend counseling sessions in the offices of companies that are noticeably far from where I live does not exist.

I suggest to anyone who can help me find a suitable platform for such a project to contact me through:

OR: 972-58-6784040