Influencers project

To: whom it may concern.

Subject: Assistance from influencers.

Dear Madames/ Sirs .

In 2007 I joined the struggle of the disabled in Israel. As of July 10, 2018, I am doing this as part of the "Nitgaber" movement - transparent disabled people that I joined.

As we know, people who try to promote various things on the Internet such as products, websites they own and in many cases also social struggles of various kinds are sometimes helped by network influencers - famous people (so-called "celebrities") who promote their ideas for an extremely high fee.

My question to you is: Do you know an economic model, with the help of which even people like me, who live on a low income, can integrate into such a format?

Best regards,

assaf benyamini.

Subject:: technological tools.

Dear Madames/ Sirs .

Since 2007, I have been participating in the struggle of the disabled in Israel - a struggle that, as you know, is widely covered in the media as well.

One of the means by which we try to promote the struggle is through various technological tools: writing on social networks, opening websites and trying to promote and improve them, managing virtual communities and so on.

My question in this regard is: Can your company or organization offer technological tools that can help us in our struggle? And if so - in which areas, and how?

Best regards,

assaf benyamini,

115 Costa Rica Street,

Entrance A-flat 4,

Kiryat Menachem,


ISRAEL, zip code: 9662592.

Phone numbers: in a secret home due to harassment and a complaint to the Israeli police that was not handled.

Mobile-058-6784040. Fax-077-2700076.

A. My ID number: 029547403.

B. Below is the post, which I shared in the Facebook group 

"California Tea Party(The clip is in English):

Listen to Melanie Phillips talk about the real intentions of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. #Israel #Gaza #HamasIsISIS #FreeGazaFromHamas #SpreadTheTruth


C. Below is the post, which I sent to the Facebook group

"The People's Britain, What Lies Ahead?(The clip is in English):

Watch this guy clear up any confusion about the Israel-Gaza problem in a few minutes.   #HamasIsISIS #FreeGazaFromHamas


D. Below is the post, which I shared in the Facebook group

"Israel Defense Page - founded by Ari Fuld(The clip is in English):

With conviction, Douglas Murray assures Israel that it has the backing of the vast majority of the civilized world, affirming that it stands far from being alone.  #HamasIsISIS #SpreadTheTruth


E. Below is the post, which I shared on the social network "":

Watch Tomi Lahren talk about pro-Hamas rallies in America, rising antisemitism and the failure to stop either of them. #HamasIsISIS #TheWestIsNext #israelwillwintheterror 

F. My e-mail addresses: and: and: and: and: and: and:  

G. Below is the message written by the Israeli film director Tali Ohion on the social network Facebook:


Tali Ohion

6 days

for a documentary she has been working on in recent years "Ester Cinema - from the White City to the Netflix generation",

In search of personal archives, photos of the atmosphere in Hamkin in the 1990s on Friday afternoons and in general, as well as of Dizengoff Square in the early 1980s, the children of the square, the "freaks" who used to gather in the square.

Please contact us privately or by phone at 972-52-2846954

H. Below is the post, which I shared in the Facebook group

"Rapture: Jerusalem is the Key(The clip is in English):

While the sketch might draw a laugh, the grim truth of people chanting death threats is far from amusing.  #HamasIsISIS #TheWestIsNext


ninth. Below is the e-mail I sent to the "Clinic for the Representation of Peripheral Populations" of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem:

  1. Below is my letter to the "Clinic for the Representation of Populations in the Periphery" of the "Center for Clinical Legal Education" of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, ISRAEL:


  • assaf benyamini
  • By:
  • to:
  • Monday, December 25 at 14:29
  • Greetings to the "Clinic for Representing Populations in the Periphery":
  • A few months ago, you received a request from me in which the Legal Aid Bureau of the Ministry of Justice refused to handle it, and this despite the fact that I am a disabled and needy person.
  • From the e-mail message sent to me by attorney Michal Goren, I understood that the matter will be examined by you.
  • I would be grateful if you could update me on the results of this test, and if the issue I brought up could be treated as a matter of principle by the clinic.
  • Best regards,assaf benyamini.File number 64226/23 - Benyamini Asaf [reference 66540639]Yahoo/Inbox Siyua Mishpati <>, August 20 at 13:02Hello Michal,

  • I am forwarding to you a request we received from Mr assaf benyamini, the address of this email. The attached documents are forwarded with his permission.Assaf contacted us for legal assistance in order to get basic help through an application/petition regarding public housing. From what Assaf told me, it appears that he applied many times to the Ministry of Housing in order to increase his eligibility for rent assistance and in order to be recognized as eligible for public housing, but each time he was answered in the negative. According to him, the main reason for this is that he is single with no children, a fact that discriminates against him compared to other applicants to the Ministry of Housing, even though he is in a medical and personal condition that justifies receiving assistance.Unfortunately, due to a financial deposit to the applicant's credit, he does not meet the economic threshold conditions established by law to receive legal representation on behalf of legal aid at the Ministry of Justice, and therefore we could not accept Assaf's application and examine it in depth.However, I would greatly appreciate your checking whether you can give him assistance within the framework of the Center for Clinical Legal Education at the Hebrew University.with gratitude,Lawyer Liron KeshetLegal Aid Jerusalem District~~~~Pay attention! Please do not reply to this email!; You can send an email As part of the service provided to you at the Ministry of Justice, we invite you to enter the Every Right website at:

  • Sunday, August 20 at 4:40 p.mHello Liron and Hello Assaf,

  • I will check whether the case is suitable as a matter of principle for the clinic, even though it is an issue that is not easy to attack.I need a little time to study the case and return an answer, and in any case, if the matter is suitable for our treatment, the clinic will not be able to start handling the case before the beginning of the semester (end of October).Best regards,Advocate Michal GorenThe clinic for international human rightsThe clinic for representing populations in the peripheryThe Center for Clinical Legal Educationthe faculty of LawHebrew University of JerusalemPhone: 972-2-5882569Fax: original message

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