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Re: Searching for software / service on the Internet.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

Until today (I am writing these words on Monday, April 26, 2121) I was a subscriber to the services of the site - which was used by me to search for email addresses of employees in companies according to the domain address I would write in the search bar in the site's internal search engine.

But this is a service for which I pay about $ 49 every month - and as someone who maintains a disability pension from the National Insurance Institute, it was an oppressive payment that I could not continue for a long time. Therefore, I left this service - a service in which I was given the opportunity to find up to 500 e-mail addresses per month.

I am searching for a developer/programmer who can develop a software help me find all emails of a domain name-and when I pay only for the developer's or programmer's work-but not paying every month for using the software.

So I ask if there is a developer, or a programmer can write a software can do these-and how much money is taken for it.


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