email servers.


Subject: a search for an E-mail server.


I am looking for an option of signing up for an E-mail server (optimally with Hebrew support), which supports sending short (few words only) up to very long (10k-20k characters) SMS or MMS messages, as an addition to the standard option of sending e-mail messages.

I will also state I am a person who lives with very low income, therefore I will not be able to pay for developing or high subscription fees.

Where could I find such a system?


Assaf Binyamini.

115th Costa Rica Street

Entrance A, Apt. 4,

Kiryat Menachem,

Jerusalem zip code: 9662592.


Home phone number: +972-2-6427757

Mobile: +972-58-6784040.

Fax: +972-77-2700076


1. My ID number: 029547403

2. My Email addresses:

3. My medical facility where I am located:

"Reut" association – "Avivit" hostel.

6th HaAvivit Street

Kiryat Menachem

Jerusalem zip code: 9650816


Telephone numbers at the hostel:

+972-2-6432551 or +972-2-6428351

E-mail address of the hostel:

4.  The family doctor with whom I am being monitored:

"Clalit Health Services" - Promenade Clinic,

6 Daniel Janowski Street,

Jerusalem, Zip code: 9338601.

A phone number at clinic offices: 972-2-6738558.

The fax number at clinic offices: 972-2-6738551.

5. The computer at my home:

CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20 GHZ

RAM: 8.00GB (7.88GB available)

OS: 64 bit OS , x64 based CPU

Computer name: PC-111886

which I rent since Monday 30th Dec 2019, from the company "Metaami computing".

6. I use Windows 10 Operation System.

7. I surf the web using the Chrome browser and use massive font enlarging because of sight problems.

8. My internet provider is HOT.

9. Here is a link to my YouTube channel in Hebrew I opened on 28th April 2020

10. I must admit I am a Hebrew speaker, and knowledge in foreign languages is limited, besides a medium level of English and a low level of French. I have no further knowledge of the foreign language

11. On 10th Aug 2018, I joined a movement called "Nitgaber" (means: We will get over it).

In this movement, we try to promote the rights of "Invisible Handicap" – People who have diseases and other health problems that might be unnoticed toward the outside, which leads to discrimination against them.

The phone number of the founder of this movement Ms. Tatiana Kdochkin is +972-52-3708001. She is available (Israel time) from 11 am to 08 pm excluding Jewish and Israel holidays and weekends.

12. More personal info:

Age: 48

Marital Status: Single.

Date of Birth: 11th Nov 1972