Conjunction question


Subject: fault sequence.

Dear Madames/ Sirs. 

Recently (I am writing these words on Monday, November 13, 2023) I am encountering a series of errors: logging into my e-mail box starts getting blocked from time to time without any explanation, many websites I can't access, the lack of possibility to post in Facebook groups, many WhatsApp groups I can't join - all these and other services and platforms that are starting to block me raise my suspicions who added me to some kind of blacklist without my knowledge.

I would like to point out that I do not publish any inflammatory words or calls for violence that can really justify such a sanction against me.


In any case, I would be interested in knowing if I have indeed been added to some kind of blacklist - and if this is indeed the case, I would be interested in knowing how my conduct in the digital space should be from now on, as well as to know which other platforms, options or sites on the net will be blocked from me.

Best regards,

assaf benyamini.

post Scriptum. My phone number: 972-58-6784040.





Subject: Medical bureaucracy.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

Yesterday, monday,November 13, 2023 I received the following message to my cell phone number


I would like to know how the matter of the debt to Magan David Adom can be settled (they claim that I owe them NIS 498. I live on a very low income - a disability allowance from the National Insurance Institute, and I am unable to pay this amount).

I would like to know how the matter can be settled.

Best regards,

assaf benyamini.



For your information, on 09/29/2023 Asaf Binyamini received service for treatment and/or evacuation in a regular ambulance ofRed Garden of DavidFrom Jerusalem Costa Rica to Hadassah Hospital. The amount owed for this service is NIS 498.00.

Your eligibility was checked with the health fund and it found that you are not entitled to partial participation on its part.

To arrange the payment please click on the link

Debt notice number 104721122

For inquiries, you can contact by phone 972-1-800-390-101.

post Scriptum. 1) I should mention that at that time I arrived at the emergency room of the Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem - after my contact with the emergency center of the Yad Sara Association which is located in my home.

2) My ID number: 029547403.

3) on the dateSeptember 29, 2023I had to go to the emergency room due to severe pain I felt, and I did so out of choice and when there was simply no other solution. I did not abuse the telephone medical center to which I have access from my home.

4) I will point out that I am a disabled and sick person - and the endless dealing with this unnecessary bureaucracy damages my health even more.

In the end, it is about debts that I am not the one who has to pay them - therefore I cannot understand why such messages are sent to me again and again.

Therefore, I think it is appropriate to ask the medical institutions concerned (Clalit Health Insurance, Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, Yad Sara Association and Magen David Adom Organization) to take care of settling these matters among themselves without bothering me repeatedly with such threatening messages and demanding from me as a patient Mediate between them - just fed up!!!

5) The family doctor with whom I am being monitored:

Dr. Brandon Stewart,

"Clalit Health Services" - “Hatayelet” clinic,

6 Daniel Yanovsky Street,


ISRAELl, zip code: 9338601.

6)The therapeutic framework in which I am:

Association "Reut"-Hostel "Avivit",


Ha Avivit St. 6,


Kiryat Menachem,



ISRAEL, zip code: 96508.


The phone numbers in the hostel offices:


972-2-6432551. Or: 972-2-6428351.


The e-mail address of the hostel:


The social worker of the hostel, who works as a housekeeper in my apartment: Mrs. Sara Stora-972-55-6693370.



7) My e-mail addresses: or: or: or: or: or: or:




Subject: My question..

 Dear Madames/ Sirs.

I opened a Telegram group whose purpose is to provide a platform for users who are interested in consulting each other on issues related to information security.


I need assistance in connecting my group to a clearing system in order to allow me to receive payments for new members who will join it.


I'll point out that I'm not a programmer or a computer person, and I don't know how to do it on a technical level.


Therefore, I would like to ask: are you able to help me with this by connecting to my computer using software such as anydesk or teamviewer?


And if this is possible, what is the amount I have to pay for this purpose?

I should point out that I have addressed the question to many clearing companies - as well as to many companies that deal in computing services and all of them (without exception) are not willing to try and help by connecting to my computer - and not for a fee either.

Best regards, 

assaf benyamini.

Post Scriptum. My phone number: 972-58-6784040.



My links:



1) telegram group I opened

2) - get paid to chat online



Below are posts that I shared on the social network Facebook:


1)Lili Ben-Ami




A baby was born in captivity. The smallest abductee in the world. We were shocked that 9-month-old Kafir Biebs was in captivity and did not imagine a baby taking its first breath in a dungeon. A soft baby captive of murderers and rapists. And his birth mother - what's going on with her? Under what conditions did she give birth? Did you sew it up? Did they give her an epidural? Is there sterility? Is she able to breastfeed? What support does she have?

The powers of evil are unfathomable. They kidnapped a nine month pregnant woman. You can't breathe

Bring Them Home Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2)The "Committee for the Promotion of the Uniform Digital Linguistic Culture" is working on the development of an application called "Foreign Writing":

The application is intended for use by anyone who types on a computer or phone in a certain language - and is intended to scan the same text and mark all the places where there are letters, words or sentences that are written in another language.

For example: when it comes to users who type in Hebrew, the system will locate for them all the places in the text (of course if there are any) that are written in other languages: in Latin letters, Cyrillic, etc.

And when it comes to users who type in letters that are used in Armenian, the system will mark all the places for them, if there are any where there are sections written in other languages: sections written in Arabic letters, Thai letters, Latin letters, etc.

There is great satisfaction in the government: linguistic purity is an important part of our culture.

We congratulate the development team of the application and wish them success in the implementation of the idea, its development and marketing.


3)Asaf Benjamin



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The team of the "State Office for Handling Matters of Abnormal Opinions" is currently working on developing an application called "The Uniform Opinion".

The purpose of this application will be to scan the Internet, and this is for the purpose of identifying, removing and then also legal and disciplinary treatment of writers of unusual or unacceptable opinions, which do not align with the kingdom's goals, objectives, trends and spiritual well-being.

I wrote unusual opinions here.

I tremble with fear - what will be my fate now?


4)assaf benyamini



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It is decided that from now until the end of the world, mentally challenged people will receive treatment in one meeting only once a year.

All other days of the year the patients will not be allowed to receive any help or treatment.

Severe penalties will be imposed on caregivers who deviate from this rule.

The "National Authority for the Control of Medical Damages" will be established.

The Authority's employees will be obliged to meet with each patient for approximately 3 hours, 2 minutes, 6 seconds and 325 milliseconds once a year in order to make an orderly record of all the damages caused to the person without treatment - and this in order to make an accurate record and catalog of the details of the damages such as : mental damages, the degree of self-neglect and its external manifestation (such as hunger or lack of personal hygiene) as well as other, more or less tangible details of the neglect and its results.

A national damage registrar will be established which will manage the cataloging and registration activity.

The National Claims Register is looking for employees.

What are the criteria?

5)Equal-Voice to people With disability

30in October B-10:29



The people and the stories, the desperation and the hope: a look behind the scenes of the Purple Hmal, the center we established to help people with disabilities during the war. Watch the video, and share with friends who need our help >>

Screenplay: Nebo Shapir

Photography: Sergey Gordzei

Editing: Omar Nahari

Shirley Pinto-Shirley Pinto

lottery in the community


"Teletin" - a kosher Telegram application.

7)Tali Ohaion

5 in November B-14:36



The movie "The Way of the Fathers" {with Hebrew subtitles} - open for viewing in the coming month.


A password:




Asaf Benjamin



To: "experts storage sites".

Subject: request for consultation.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

I send the current price quote to different storage companies.

Which hosting company do you think is the best to work with for a project like this (building a forum site)?

Best regards,

assaf benyamini.


Subject: a forum site.

Dear Madames/ Sirs. .

At the beginning of July 2023, I established the site I called "scamming consultation" - a site that aims to be a forum site, where users can consult with each other on issues related to information security.

I would like to point out that I am not a programmer or a computer person, so I will need help with several things:

  1. Website design from a visual and technical point of view.
  2. Connecting the site to a clearing system that will allow me to collect payment from users who will register for the system.
  3. Since I am, as mentioned, neither a computer person nor a programmer, I will not be able to offer a technical support service to the site's customers - if and when they have problems. Therefore, it is important to me that the company that will assist me in opening and promoting the system will also offer technical support services to customers.
  4. A program that will include an extremely large storage and traffic volume - so that there will not be a situation in which the site's activity will be blocked or disabled due to an excessively high number of surfers who will register or use the site.
  5. It is important to me that surfers can join existing forums, or open new ones - according to their choice.
  6. Freedom of expression on the site is also important - and removal or blocking of surfers will only be done in the most extreme cases of incitement to violence or harsh words.
  7. The domain name I will need help connecting it to the system.
  8. It is important to me that surfers can open forums or consult each other in any language they choose - and without limitation.
  9. I note that the was built on the system. If there is another content management system (like for example: wix, drupal, joomla) that you think would be more worthwhile for the purpose of the platform in question here - I am definitely open to suggestions in this regard.
  10. connecting the system toCDN in order to improve the user experience of the users of the system.

10) In any case, it is important to me that changes in the system will be made in coordination with me.

In any case, I would appreciate it if you could send me a price quote based on which I would decide if I would be interested in continuing or not.


assaf benyamini.

post scriptum. 1. My ID number: 029547403.

2. My phone number: 972-58-6784040.

3.My another website:

11)Here news

5 days

Major in the Dov Defense Forces Moshe (Dubi) Kogan, 32 years old, from Nove, a fighter in the Shaldag unit, was killed today in a battle deep in the Gaza Strip. Of blessed memory

12)Amos Hbshmn Talmor Startup Fundraising Israel-recruitment money for startups

24 in March 2022


Investor and investor: Anyone who understands the issue of kosher and halal meat, whose price is at least 30% more expensive than the price of "regular" meat, can join as an investor in the only product in the world (a digital collar) that identifies kosher (or halal) cows in real time while they are in the field.


The registered patent is implemented using a neck collar (which already exists and works in the field, and there is a working application). The collar that is on the cows that graze in the field and are scattered in the largest farms in the world, are identified ahead of time, whether they have diseases or viruses or health infections, which prevents them from being kosher. All through the digital collar through which and the existing application the farmer can plan to bring them to the collection point. The project exists and is currently expanding to a trial in North America and Canada.


If you want more details, please contact me by email or mobile mobile 972-54-5392121


13)assaf benyamini



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A new Facebook page I opened.

stories new ones

7 in November B-14:31

Intended for any man or woman who suffers from a disability or illness.

Here people can write and upload their personal story.

14)assaf benyamini

7 in November B- 23:54



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,Rotem Peer is feeling loved.

4 hours ·

I wanted to thank you

A few days ago I posted in a moment of impossible pain. I felt as if I had rivers of pain inside my body and everything was painted black.

At first I was afraid to share this pain.

The question "What will they think of me?" always echoes.

For years I tried to adapt myself to a society that expects everyone to be silent and hide behind masks that radiate power and strength.

But this internalization had very serious consequences to the point that I almost lost my life.

We have become an entire generation that takes psychiatric pills because it is forbidden to speak! Living in a society that raises an eyebrow about our existence, our weaknesses and the pain we experience.

Real healing requires people to go through the shame!!!!

In this incarnation I prefer to express myself.

And so in the end I decided to share and it was just like this, a kicker.

After I shared, I got calls from people who love me, I got about 50 messages from people who care about me, people came to my house, took me for trips, slept at my place, made me happy. The amazing Satya trainer I had in the past,Rumi Zonder-Kislev, offered to accompany me until the end of the war and even someone who lost her soldier brother in the war wrote to me and it gave me some proportions.

A day after I uploaded the post I already woke up with a smile and I've been almost fully functional for a few days now.

I wouldn't have been able to get stronger like this without your exciting support!

So the next time you're on edge, don't hesitate to express your pain.

from experience


assaf benyamini

5 in November B-18:02

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An Israeli patient comes to the clinic of a psychiatrist who receives privately.

The patient: "I suffer a lot and can no longer be at home. Please find me a treatment setting where I can receive support and help."

The psychiatrist: "It's perfectly fine. I'll find out for you - come back to me again in a week and I'll guide you on the matter."

Works for a week, and the patient returned to the clinic.

The psychiatrist: "Don't ask!! I found a perfect solution for you. The hospital in North Korea where you will be transferred. They will guide you - and they will also assign you private Korean teachers. Don't worry - it will be fine."

The patient was frightened: "What??? North Korea??? They will kill me there."

The psychiatrist: "Well, don't be ungrateful - I've been making inquiries for you for a whole week - and in the end this is what I get?"

The psychiatrist calls the security guards at the scene: "Put handcuffs on this problematic patient - we have to hurry. We have to get to the airport on time."

The patient is reluctantly put on a flight bound for North Korea.

Upon his landing, the regime representatives are waiting for the Israeli patient, who immediately take him to the hospital where there is a place for him.

A week later the Israeli patient was executed when he refused to bow to one of the leader's statues

Kim Jong Un


The news reaches Israel through one of the residents of the hospital who manages to escape from North Korea - and when the psychiatrist who treated the man hears about it, he gloats: "What a beauty, what fun!!! I got rid of another annoying mental patient!! Yo-ho!!!".