An accessible weapon


Subject: Protective measures.

Dear Madames/ Sirs.

As we know, during this period we are forced to deal with security or terrorist incidents that unfortunately occur from time to time.

When a person is attacked in a public place there are 2 reaction options as you know: one option is to fight back and fight with the same perpetrator, and the other option is to try and escape from the place until the rage passes.

However, when it comes to a disabled person ( and even more true when it comes to a person who is wheelchair-bound ) none of these two ways are possible.

My question to you is: Has there been any thought in developing accessible weapons or weapons that can help a disabled person, if and when he gets into such a situation?

And to the extent that such weapons are open at the technical level, consider how to set criteria and tests aimed at determining which disabled people will have access to such weapons, And this is due to the potential of abusing such a right to self-defense?

Or is it a delusional and crazy idea ( or ethically or morally unacceptable ) that is not worthy of any kind?

What do you think?

I will note that I have no knowledge of open weapons and no access, which I know only as a disabled person who periodically seeks products to assist in daily life as needed.

Best regards,

assaf benyamini.

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