A request for a contribution to work

I am an Israeli citizen, and live in Jerusalem. I was born in late 1972 and today, in 2023 I am 50 years old.

I suffer from various health, physical and mental health problems because of which I have not been able to integrate into the labor market for many years. My resume was sent to several tens of thousands of private companies ( and unfortunately I do not exaggerate these numbers ) - but I just can't find any suitable job.

I make various attempts to get around this difficulty.

In early July 2023, I established the scammers-out.com site The purpose of the site is to serve as a forum site where users can consult each other on information security issues.

But there is now another difficulty: Due to my severe financial distress, I have no ability to finance the financial costs I need for setting up the business.

Therefore, I am very grateful to everyone who can help me and contribute for this purpose.

I am attaching a donation link here, a link to the site I am trying to develop, and a link through which you can find more and more detailed information about me.

Collected in my right.

Post Scriptum. 1) Link to donation

2) Link to the site I am trying to develop

3) Link through which you can learn more about me